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Vic Sadot
Miya Williams
Suzanne Oliver
Erin Devore
Mary Archer
Steve Miceli
Dawn Platt
Tony Newton
Dean A. Banks

Elizabeth May Sutor- 2007-Present

At an early age Elizabeth May developed a talent for making music. "My mother says I was singing before I could actually talk", she recalls. Her sister Norma sang in the school choir and took piano lessons, her brother Richard also studied piano and played organ for the same high school choir. Her brother Roger sang in the school choir as well, and played drums. On Saturday nights, neighbors frequently dropped by the house with musical instruments in hand for impromptu jam sessions, and rehearsals with the band Richard and Roger had formed. Elizabeth's childhood was surrounded with music. So it was no surprise that she, too, took to the piano. In her teens she also taught herself guitar by listening to the popular folk artists of the day.

Being a singer as well as a guitarist and pianist, she performed in several musical groups during her high school days. These included groups within the school system and groups made up of her friends for weekend performing at local coffeehouses and in "open mic" venues. In her 20's she moved to Philadelphia and became a session musician/background vocalist and demo singer at Veritable Records (VRC Studios) in Pennsylvania. She also performed in Philadelphia at university and college coffee houses and in local clubs. In 1980, she moved to Los Angeles, performing with local bands and engaging in session work. After about 10 years in California, Elizabeth returned to Delaware.

"I had stopped pursuing my dream and was caught up in pursuing other peoples' dreams. It felt wrong, to do that, but because I lost my sense of self for so long, I also lost my self-confidence. I talked myself into giving up music and into pursuing a more "normal" existence, one based not on what I really wanted or was interested in, but on money and security", she says." The ironic part is that there never was any security in any of those situations because I would always end up leaving. I felt completely out of place, and was terribly unhappy."

And that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it was that dissatisfaction with the status quo that led Elizabeth back into the recording studio after a 15 year hiatus from music and performing. "Live It On The Outside" is her first CD, and she is now working on a second collection of "New Thought" music, which she performs as a music ministry in the quad-state area of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. The new CD was released on February 28, 2010.

Vic Sadot- 2004-2006

The fall of 2004 marks the 25th anniversary of The Crazy Planet Band, aka Planète Folle in French. The original idea for this CD was to put out a "Best Of" Compilation. But that idea had to blend with the need to put out some new topical songs by Vic Sadot and some musical interpretations of some of the late Jean-Henri Sadot's poems. The first band formation was actually called C. P. Swampgrass. They played at a party at Frog Town Farm in Newark, DE. This line-up had the late Joe Sadot on banjo, Craig Maurer on fiddle, and Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar. In the autumn of 1979 The Crazy Planet Band played it's first of 25 consecutive annual concerts at Newark Community Day and its first paying gig at the Deer Park Tavern. That line up had Vic on vocals and guitar, Rob Sadot on electric guitar, Paul Slivka on bass, and Jim Hannum on drums. Paul and John went off to work with the exciting new band called the MIB's led by Jones Purcell who had just moved up from South Carolina.

Paul and Jimmy went on to play with Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers. Rob Chirnside stepped forward to the drum duties and Roberta Greenspan came on with her fiddle, and Paul Slivka continued on long enough to do a studio project with us. In 1985 that resulted in our first release, a 45 rpm with Good Time Delaware on the A side and Born To Win on the B side. Great cover art was provided by Michael Schwartz and Debbie Hegedus. These two songs were re-mastered in the spring of 2004 by our long time friend and original studio engineer Michael Fisher to be released in this digital collection. WVUD DJ Mac Thomas deserves a salute from us for bringing that song back to public attention by playing it on his Tuesday morning Java Time "Cruising America" radio show and at car club events that he DJ's as well.

Crazy Planet Band released a 12 song LP in 1988 called Ride the Wind, which featured awesome cover art by C. S. Wayne. In addition to Vic and Rob Sadot and Rob Chirnside, we had Tris Hovanec on bass and Ed Gorski on keyboards and piano accordion on our first Cajun French original called Belle Amie. In addition to the title cut, we've included such songs as the pop rocker Comeback Kids, the sizzling blues guitar of Beer Muscles, and the reggae influenced torch song called Need To Know. One song recorded during those sessions but not released was Vic's tribute to the late great Phil Ochs. Now Broadside Balladeer will finally get a hearing as well as figuring in the title of this latest CD.

Rob had to leave the band around 1990, yet he still found time to add his guitar to the recording of "Vive Haiti!" The song was never released, but it was sung at demonstrations in Washington and Philadelphia, and it was the cover song of an issue of Broadside, The National Topical Song Magazine. Vic teamed up with Kenny Thompson on keyboards, George Dreisbach on guitar, and Brian Heckman on drums to record a tribute to roadies and roadwork called Respect for the Road. That was never released until now either. Vic had always kept up with the French language and music of his father's native land, and that included visits to France and Quebec.

In 1992 Vic traveled to New Orleans and through the many towns of Acadiana to the west of the "Crescent City". He was delighted to find that many people in southwest Louisiana still spoke French and celebrated their Cajun and Creole culture, cuisine, and music in towns with such names as Lafayette, Eunice, Mamou, Houma, Breaux Bridge, Church Point, Opelousas, Basile, Lake Charles, Port Arthur, Abbeyville, Thibodaux, and Ville Platte. He met and traveled with Danny Collet & the Swampcats, and he learned Faire l'Amour Dans Le Poulailler (Making Love In the Chicken Coop) from their guitarman Fabian Champagne of Carencro. Vic came back excited about working in some Cajun/Zydeco into a mostly original repertoire. He soon re-vamped the band line-up under the name of Planète Folle, which is just Crazy Planet in French. It rhymes with "roll" and you can remember how to pronounce it by saying this rhyme, "Let the good times roll…with Planète Folle!

After some personnel changes over a two year recording process, Vic Sadot's Planète Folle released a 16 song CD titled Comin' Home in 1997. Mike Reynolds took on the piano accordion duties. Dave Sumner was the solid guitarist driving a rhythm section that featured the legendary Chris Sherlock on drums and Monty Cullum on bass. Saxophone chops were provided by Hank Carter of George Thorogood & the Destroyers fame, as well as the talented Earle Brown and Joe Yakaneck. Michael Salzburg and Dennis Herzog contributed their fine fiddle licks to several songs. From the Ride the Wind collection we've brought along Vic's tribute to Bourbon Street and the title cut by the late Zydeco roots man Clifton Chenier. However, Vic created a French translation to that song as well as singing it in its original English lyrics. In the year 2000 Vic teamed up with Dean A. Banks and Mark Moss to put together a collection of acoustic and environmental songs titled Songs of the Seasons. It was only released as a limited edition home burn collection. From Seasons we've included Our Only Chesapeake and Berceuse De Bonne Nuit (Good Night Lullaby on this Broadsides & Retrospectives collection.

Two brand new Vic Sadot topical songs kick off this CD: Mad Cowboy Disease and Are You A Citizen, which was co-written with local activist Cindy Hubschmitt. Vic put two more of his father's poems to music. To his father's tribute to those who fought on D-Day 1944 titled In Normandy When Breezes Blow, Vic added a new section called Our Pledge To You. To the poem Jean-Henri Sadot wrote about remembering the Pyrenees Mountains in 1940, Vic set that Spanish language poem to music, and Dean A. Banks came up with a trumpet section on his synthesizer. In 2002 Dean A. Banks proposed making a website of Jean-Henri Sadot's poems and memoirs. In 2003 Lionel Bernard of Normandy, France visited the website and was inspired to set Jean-Henri Sadot's Statue of Liberty to music with his friend Jerome Pannier singing. They sent it to Vic and other parts by Vic, Rob and Dean were added stateside. Then Dean A. Banks set Jean-Henri Sadot's Little Girl's Bedtime to music and recorded it with Vic and Rob Sadot and Dean singing the lead vocal. Vic brought in Ellen Lebowitz to put the finishing touches on these songs with her background vocals. And there you have it! A collection that really does add up to its name…Broadsides & Retrospectives. We hope you enjoy it and that it is a source of pleasure and progressive inspiration to our listeners.

Miya Williams- 1999

Miya Williams hails from Elkton, Md., a small town not too far from the Chesapeake Bay. Miya started singing and dancing at the ripe old age of 3. By the time she was 10, she began choreographing routines for cheerleading. This led to per formances in her school talent shows. During high school, Miya continued to choreograph cheerleading routines. As her popularity grew, she was soon asked to sing the National Anthem at her high school basket ball games. This culminated in her being asked to sing Mariah Carey's "Hero" at her high school graduation.

During her first two years of college at Towson State, she continued to choreograph routines amidst National Anthem performances at her school. Soon after, she accepted a vocal performance opportunity at the America East College basketball tournament, again singing the National Anthem. At this point, Miya decided to better her singing abilities and began to take vocal lessons from Starpoint's Renee Diggs. In May 1999, she was invited to perform at the Baltimore Superfest. After this performance, Miya knew she wanted to pursue music as a career. No longer satisfied with only a career in Graphic Arts, Miya threw herself into her music until she realized that "Music is as thick as blood" as she says.

After several failed attempts at establishing her career, she met Dean A. Banks of Banksnet MultiMedia. Dean began recording her demo in the summer of '99. Miya had the desire to write songs but didn't know how. She heard the melodies in her head, but didn't know how to express them musically. She sang her melodies onto a cassette, brought them to Dean, and he wrote and performed the musical arrangements. Intrigued with her discipline and vocal ability, Dean soon shot a video of Miya's dance routines for her songs. He is convinced that Miya is one of the new singer/songwriters of the future. Embrace Miya Williams sound and performances. Experience a real, honest, and humble small town girl who can perform with the best of them.

Suzanne Oliver- 1996-1998

Suzanne grew up in an environment that provided a rich musical heritage. At a very early age she demonstrated a natural musical aptitude as well as an intrinsically powerful singing voice. High school found her not going to the prom, but performing at proms with her first band ESCAPE. Immediately after graduation she hit the road and completed a successful two year tour of the U.S. fronting and singing with ESCAPE and DESTINY. Her next project was organizing, choreographing, and fronting a Las Vegas style lounge/swing band.

Coming off the road, she formed a local original band named SHOTGUN SOOZIE, which showcased her original material. This venture culminated in her selection as a background vocalist for internationally acclaimed Artist HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES. Over the past few years, Suzanne has honed her musical skills by playing guitar and keyboards in addition to singing for SWURL and CHUNK. All the while she has been adding to her impressive catalog of original songs. "My main purpose when writing is to get the song out. It's almost therapeutic. A song can come at any time, becoming a mystical experience. Once it's externalized, the process of sharing the music and the message in the lyrics becomes paramount."

Suzanne is a multi-talented and experienced musician, singer and songsmith, whose repertoire includes everything from thought provoking originals to powerful classic rock remakes. Truly, she can dominate any musical genre. Suzanne has been singing professionally her entire life and she's more excited now about her career than that nervous fifteen year old that first took the stage years ago. Suzanne says, "I believe very strongly I have a God-given gift, and I'm sure He wants me to share it with people. I'm just delighted that my music touches people emotionally. My goal is to influence them with a positive message."

In 2001, Suzanne relocated to Palm Desert, CA. where she is pursuing her compositional and singing career.

Erin Devore- 1993

From age 5, when she had to sing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" for school, Erin DeVore knew that she was destined to become a singer. Throughout her tenure at school, Erin studied both dance and choir. This culminated in her becoming a part of the State of Delaware All State Choir. Over the years Erin has dedicated herself to her community by singing for fundraisers and church activities. In school she studied gymnastics, cheerleading, and tap & ballet dance. In 1989 she appeared in a Strawberry Suave Shampoo commercial while working as a model for Lee Rappaport of Universal Casting. Erin's first big break locally came in 1990 when she was asked to perform as a soloist singing "Amazing Grace" for the National Endowment of the Arts & The Delaware State Arts Council's production of "To Kill A Mockingbird".

Soonafter, Erin functioned as lead singer and choreographer for the local group "Ebony & Ivory Finesse". During 1991, Erin performed with the group "Reality", who opened for "Black Sheep" and "A Tribe Called Quest" in a Delaware high school tour and at clubs in Philadelphia while under contract to DMD Management. In 1992, Erin signed with Brosis Manangement and gained significant experience through many recording sessions and talent competitions. Being highly recommended by a local management company, Dean A. Banks of Banksnet MultiMedia sought out Erin to perform on a rap tune entitled "Pay The Cost". Soonafter, Erin was signed by Banksnet MultiMedia to perform vocally on publishing demos and to act in 2 upcoming music video productions. Her riveting performance on the song "Feel The Wind (In Your Sails)" exemplifies her range and passion in music. Erin Devore is definitely a name everyone will be hearing in the music business for years to come!

Mary Archer- 1993

Hailing from an artistic and musical family, Mary studied classical violin in school and earned a seat in the Wilmington Music School Orchestra at an early age. She began composing classical music on piano by age 6 and one of her songs, entitled "American Rhapsody", placed 1st in a Delaware competition and 2nd in a national competition when she was in fifth grade! Soonafter, guitar and flute became her new musical love. While in high school, Mary worked in community theater in the capacity of production assistant and bit actor. She has worked under the direction of Marie Swajeski (Delaware Children's Theater), Julian Boris and John O'Toole ( Candlelight Dinner Theater), Denning Productions and Dulcimer Productions (Three Little Bakers Dinner Theater).

Pursuing her love for the arts, theater, modeling, and dance, Mary attended acting classes with the May Acting Company, the Barbizon School of Modeling, and private instruction in Middle Eastern and Modern Dance. Recognizing the powerful musical and rhythmic force in dance, Mary has continued to study and practice dance routines and choreography for the past 8 years. In fact, an example of her choreography and performance can be witnessed in her video, "Running Through The Night", where she enters her performance scene riding an Arabian stallion. Over the years, Mary has performed musically as an acoustic act, performing on piano, guitar, and singing in local clubs and for a series of Homeless Benefit Concerts. Continuing her songwriting efforts, Mary recorded an all original solo acoustic demo tape featuring 11 songs in '91.

Continuing her production experience, she has worked for the past several years in all phases of video production and post-production editing. More recently, Mary functioned as a videographer, editor, and executive producer for the video "Lord Of Her Dynasty" by the solo artist Barbara Mattox. She even played flute, sang, and danced in the same video! During early '93 Mary was performing with the Newark based group "English Garden". When the group disbanded in the Fall of '93, Mary struck out on her own when she was asked to perform at the Earth Day Expo, Taste Of Wilmington, Newark Community Day, and "Downtown With the Arts" for the Newark Arts Alliance. As a result of her songwriting accolades from the local community, Mary formed the "group "Loveville" to perform her compositions. The group's sound is both eclectic and electric, hence 'eclectric'.

"Loveville" features Mary on vocals, guitar, flute, and keyboard, Dean Almgren on drums and percussion, and Dan DePace on bass and vocals. Mary Archer and Loveville cover a wide range of original material and covers.

Steve Miceli - 1989-1992

What more could be said about a prolific youth except that he must employ a sincere dedication to his craft. When he was nineteen, Steve Miceli displayed such character. His major influences range from Vai, Malmsteen, Lynch, DiMeola and Joe Satriani. Steve's music reflects a crossover appeal between Adult/Contemporary, New Age, and Rock, that aims at an audience ranging from 13 to 45. He exemplifies such qualities as speed, technique, spontanaeity, and effective phrasing. Steve is a player with a great deal of feel which he imparts to his guitar students. As a performer, Steve externalizes his emotions on the fretboard, displaying confidence and image consciousness to please many a crowd. As a composer, Steve is conscious of the importance of the song as opposed to an emphasis on playing techniques.

A disciplined, outgoing people person, Steve demonstrates ambition, aggressiveness, intelligence, and maturity in character as well as performance. In order for the youth of today to progressively affect the growth of contemporary music they must reflect such character. Music as a language requires effective communication in order to be pleasurable and meaningful. Steve understands this and in his own words states, "I love to plug in and rip, but it's not the essence of playing." Enjoy Steve Miceli's first album, A STEP AWAY, and experience a future driving force in the music industry.

Steve has been performing locally for several years. In the past he has been the lead guitarist for the local bands SINDROME, HAYWIRE, and TEMPTING FATE. After doing session work at the local studios, Steve decided to embark on an instrumental solo guitar career. During the summer of '90 Steve recorded an EP cassette entitled "Nightlife". Soonafter, the "Nightlife" cassette sold out in ten local record stores and Steve and his band NIGHTLIFE performed live on the U of D's "Local Music Zone" radio program on WXDR, 91.3 FM (Nov. '90). Steve and his band then performed a homeless benefit concert for A.U.T.E.H. (Artists United To End Homelessness) at the U of D's Daugherty Hall to a sold out crowd (Jan.'91). The band received a letter of appreciation from the State of Delaware and the Salvation Army for helping to raise money and clothing for Delaware's homeless.

Steve went back into the studio (Apr.'91) and recorded "Take Two", a cassette single featuring a remake of the 50's instrumental hit "Sleepwalk". The release of this cassingle prompted SMI Music, an independent label based in the United Kingdom, to sign Steve as a solo artist (Sep.'91). In the fall of '91 Steve returned to the studio and recorded his first solo album entitled "A Step Away" (Oct.-Dec.'91), which was released in early March of '92. His band was comprised of outstanding local musicians with diverse backgrounds in various musical styles. The result: a new force in music that bridges melody with driving rhythms, encourages the listener to participation, and excites the concert goer. Steve Miceli and his band captured the sound of the 90's! Steve joined Daphne Hero and performed in Delaware and New York during the late '90's. Currently he is the lead guitarist with Eight Days Gone.

Dawn Platt of Tempting Fate- 1989-1990

When the clouds break in the evening sky, the light of the sun reflected off the moon illuminates the dark side of the world. Like many meteorites that penetrate the earth's atmosphere, artists glow for a while and never leave a lasting impression on earth. Occasionally, a shooting star makes it past the friction of the atmosphere and puts a dent in this planet that lasts for a great deal of time. One such orb is Dawn Platt of Tempting Fate. For years now Dawn has been stirring up audiences in the Northern Delaware region with intriguing looks and stimulating vocals. She has left lasting impressions on audiences by her performances with "No Comment" and "The Anthony Gallucio Band". Dawn Platt has also worked several times as a background singer for "Rudi Rubini" at Warehouse/Jem Sound in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1989 she began a songwriting collaboration with her manager, Dean A. Banks of Banksnet MultiMedia, and produced several eye-opening tracks. All in all, Dawn has earned and deserved the respect of her audiences and professionals alike. Soon after the recording was completed, Dawn and Dean began to form a group including the session musicians used on the tape. John Slawski, a solid hard-hitting drummer formerly with the group "Noyze" was employed, as well as the guitar wizard Steve Miceli from the metal group "Haywire". With Dean on keyboards and synthesizer bass, the combination was complete.

Dean had recently returned from L.A. to seek out new talent in Delaware, where he attended high school. Deriving from his extensive experience in the industry, Tempting Fate has collaborated on introducing you to this new experience in music. Enjoy the sound of those that are Tempting Fate.

Tony Newton- 1987-1989

Tony Newton History - Acclaimed in the "New Age Music Guide" as one of the top New Age Music Artists - Composers. His work with Novaphonics is described as, "Music with Vision"....... Chances are you've heard Antonio (Tony) Newton. A performer on over 25 million selling gold recordings with various artists from Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Gary Moore, Dionne Warrick, to name a few, as well as movie soundtracks, Officer and a Gentleman, Breathless and others. Newton as pianist, composer, author stands as one of the most creative and progressive artists of this period.

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, music and motor city, is where he began his career. First on piano at age seven, beginning professionally at age thirteen playing bass for blues legends John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Little Walter and others. This was not without receiving initial recognition as an accomplished saxophone and woodwinds player in various orchestras and ensembles. Newton gained swift acclaim as one of the midwest's most prominent bassists through his association with Motown Records. Before moving on to his next level of advancement, he left his trademark of solid, hard driving, and deftly clever grooves on such timeless hits as "Where Did Our Love Go", "Baby Love", "Stop In The Name Of Love", "ABC', "Nowhere To Run" and many others.

In the following years, Newton has established himself as one of the most versatile players, composers and producers in his field. He has recorded and toured with Rock, Pop and R&B's most celebrated figures, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson (whom he served as music director), Stevie Wonder, Little Richard and others. He also gained recognition for his performing and songwriting work as a member of the acclaimed jazz-rock fusionists Tony Williams Lifetime, mentioned in the "Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll". Later, he joined forces with British rock guitar veteran Gary Moore's G-Force, writing and producing songs including the classics, "Snake Oil" and "Red Alert" for the former, and "You Kissed Me Sweetly" for the latter. Degreed in music theory, composition and piano from Los Angeles City and Mt. St. Mary's College of Los Angeles, Newton also has had private piano studies with masters Howard Barr and Olga Leitmekov who have direct links to classic composer-pianists Donnayi and Chopin. After schooling, Newton was appointed Dean of Electronic and Commercial Music at the University of Sound Arts in L.A., as well as teaching MIDI computer composition at Los Angeles City College Community Services. Newton is also the author of over ten music and philosophy books, including the landmark "Novaphonics" in seven volumes.

In addition, Newton's bass work is featured on the Academy Award winning movie soundtracks "Breathless" and "An Officer and a Gentleman". His keyboard playing and compositions are included in film and video productions such as the Martin Luther King Awards and NASA flight to view Halley's Comet. From Pop to Fusion, from soundtracks to a Summit Symphony in seven movements, like we said earlier, chances are you've heard Antonio Newton.


* LET'S BE GENEROUS - Khun, Nauseef, Newton, Tzchadic - CMP
* G-FORCE - Gary Moore and G-Force - Jet/CBS
* BELIEVE IT - Tony Williams Lifetime - A.Holdsworth, T.Newton, A.Pasqua. CBS
* SUNSHOWER - Joachim Khun - CMP
* DON'T STOP ME NOW - Joachim Khun - Warner
* AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN - Soundtrack- Paramount
* BREATHLESS - Soundtrack - Warner
* YOU - Aretha Franklin - Atlantic
* KING OF ROCK AND ROLL - Little Richard - Warner
* CONTACT - Freda Payne - Invictus
* I FEEL A SONG - Gladys Knight and the Pips - Buddha
* MORE THAN HAPPY - Stevie Wonder - Motown
* WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET - Dramatics - Stax
* JUST BEING MYSELF - Dionne Warwick - Warner
* HUGH MASEKELA - Hugh Masekela - Island
* BABY LOVE - Dianne Ross & The Supremes - Motown
* WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO - Dianne Ross & The Supremes - Motown
* STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE - Diane Ross & The Supremes - Motown
* NOWHERE TO RUN - Martha & The Vandellas - Motown
* HOLD ON - Thelma Houston - 20th Century
* ALL THE SAD YOUNG MEN - CBS Film Soundtrack

Tony Newton's Official Website

Dean A. Banks

Dean A. Banks of has been involved in the music/video industry for over 30 years. Dean began his music career on the East Coast by recording his first album in 1976 entitled "Money In The Bank". In 1977 he moved to Los Angeles, CA. and joined the band Tony Newton & Gravity as their keyboardist. During his tenure in L.A., Dean performed, toured, or recorded with such notables as Iron Butterfly, Wild Cherry, The Coasters, The Platters, The Drifters, The Lorna Wright Band (Gary "Dream Weaver" Wright's sister), Pat "Paraquat" Kelley (of legendary L.A. radio station KMET), Frankie Gaye (Marvin Gaye's brother), and Slim & Trim, in which he appeared in the MGM Motion Pictures release "The Penitentiary". After returning to Delaware in 1989, he functioned as keyboardist, manager, and producer for the SMI Music label's recording artist Steve Miceli, whose CD "A Step Away" was released in 1992.

Dean's management experience was derived from his work with Frank Zappa's one time manager Bennett Glotzer, where he worked on the radio promotion staff. He learned a great deal about public relations from his work with Jo Ann Geffen's firm. In the past he managed a former Motown great Antonio L. Newton (Tony Williams Lifetime, Smokey Robinson, G-Force (w/Gary Moore), and Thelma Houston). His past roster has included Miya Williams, Suzanne Oliver, Erin DeVore, Mary Archer, Steve Miceli, Dawn Platt of Tempting Fate, and co-management with Rick Dougherty of Hannon Tramp.

Dean's production experience was gained as an engineering intern with Bill Ravencraft (Marvin Gaye, George Benson, Led Zeppelin) of Motown Studios and Marvin Gaye Studios, Hollywood, CA., and independent producer Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Kansas). Dean has worked as a producer/engineer with Antonio L. Newton, The Light, Slim & Trim, Frankie Gaye, Hugh Ferguson (former guitarist/Graham Nash), Paraquat Kelly, Kim Fowley (The Runaways, Helen Reddy), Miya Williams, Suzanne Oliver, Erin DeVore, Mary Archer, Steve Miceli, and Dawn Platt of Tempting Fate.

Applying his studio experience, Dean has managed five studios in the past; Wilshire Fine Arts, Burbank Studio Center (which he also co-designed), Sierra-Pacific Studios, Muse Studios, and Ohm Studio. He has engineered with analog and digital equipment at the following L.A. studios: Kendun Recorders, RCA Studios, Cherokee Studios, Motown Studios, and Devonshire Recorders. Dean has also taught audio engineering technology for a period of time at the University of Sound Arts (USA) in Hollywood, CA. During Dean's tenure at Muse Studios, he and Morris Wilson collaborated on the dynamic song "Feel The Wind In Your Sails", receiving high acclaim when the song was played in the L.A. radio market.

All in all, Dean has performed at a high caliber in the music industry. After relocating to Delaware in 1989, Dean formed a local music magazine called Music From the Ledge. During his tenure with the magazine as Editor-in-Chief, Dean interviewed such notables as Dio, Extreme, King's X, and Kansas. In the early 90's Dean was writing songs and soundtrack material for the United Kingdom based company, SMI Music. During the late 90's, Dean designed and built a full service audio/video complex called the MultiMedia Mall, a consortium of graphics, web design, and audio/video production. Applying his understanding of multimedia production, Dean started a parallel career path as a Webmaster at the turn of the century. In 2002 he received his certification as a Master Certified Internet Webmaster Designer (MCIWD). His training was specialized in e-Commerce design and implementation, part of his career path for present and future music marketing. Currently, Dean is the producer, engineer, and webmaster for his company,