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Banksnet Web Portal -

Cooperative Advertising and Promotion for our clients. The Banksnet Web Portal leads the way in targeted cooperative advertising and target marketing for our clients. Our relationships with businesses and advertisers provide you with a low-cost way of marketing your products and services. Our website provides free advertising to our cooperative advertisers and our low-cost marketing pieces reach your customers in a timely and effective manner.


Banksnet  PC Guru Computing & Networking Gurus -
Design and Repair of Computers and Networks

302.312.5501| webproducer@hotmail.com

Banksnet  PC Guru Computing & Networking Gurus provide you with latest technologies for all your computing and networking needs. We effectively custom design your computers for your needs based on where you are now, and where you plan to go in the near future. We provide warranties for all of our custom built computers and we service what we sell. Our networking staff has installed many successful networks for small businesses.

Banksnet Website Design & Internet Marketing -

Web Design, Hosting, Presentations and Marketing
302.377.3783| webproducer@hotmail.com

Banksnet Design and Marketing takes your concept and makes it palatable to your viewing audience. We take your ideas and polish them to make effective websites and presentations. By using persuasive marketing techniques, we provide our customers with multi-level content that targets your audience and boosts your conversion rate. We afford you the opportunity to out-source your marketing and promotion campaigns to a company that provides results. We research most markets on a regular basis and advise you of all your options in advance. Targeting your customer is our specialty, guiding you through the marketing process effectively.


Audio/Video Recording and Production. Banksnet MultiMedia takes your audio or video project and records, edits, and produces a finished product that will effectively represent your project or company. Our engineering and production experience gives you the edge on creating a project that demonstrates your talent or presentation in a positive light.

Banksnet Key ParticipantS

Dean A. Banks, M.C.I.W.D., D.D. holds a certification as a Master Certified Internet Webmaster Designer (MCIWD) in addition to D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) in Theology. His training is specialized in e-Commerce web design and implementation, Internet Marketing and multimedia production.  Dean is the Web Producer for Banksnet.

Rick Dougherty holds multiple certifications from Microsoft and Cisco in addition to a B.S. in Computer Science. He has functioned as a Systems Engineer and System Administrator at local companies in Delaware and has extensive experience in the design, programming and implementation of computer networks.